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Where Your Feelings Might Be.

My FanGraphs Post

I dislike cross-posting material, and I will not do so fully here, but I did want to highlight this because I think the commentary here could be fascinating if people are able to be civil about it.

Basically, Randy Johnson is three wins away from 300 in his career. His next two starts are against Washington (Daniel Cabrera) and New York (Johan Santana) at home. If he managed to notch wins in both of those starts, he comes to Seattle on Friday, May 22nd and pitches for win number 300.

If that happens, how would you feel? Root for him to get the win (which means the Ms have to lose) ? Root for him to pitch well but the Ms to win? Root for him to suck? Not care because pitching wins are stupid? How do you think you might feel differently if the team is in first place at the time? Last place? Regardless of the win total, are you hoping Wakamatsu starts Griffey that game so that you can see Randy pitch to Griffey in Seattle?

I will state it again, if people cannot be civil to other people's opinions --because everything here is a totally subjective opinion, there are no quantifiable right or wrong answers-- then this is going to be muted and I will be severely disappointed in the offending parties.