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Wednesday A Big Day For Silva

Looks like Carlos is running (lol more like waddling!) out of chances:

Wakamatsu said Silva, who turned back the clock to 2008 when he gave up six runs in the third inning Friday, will make his next start but the Mariners won't tolerate another poor outing. Silva is scheduled to start Wednesday at Kansas City.

With RRS still on the mend, giving Silva one more opportunity makes some sense. Wakamatsu would like to see him right the ship, and for the time being we're pretty short on starters anyway. That said, the daydreamer in me wishes we were giving the ball to Jason Vargas instead. He's been real good through four starts in Tacoma, and yesterday he looked terrific in picking up seven swinging strikes on 45 pitches, including five against righties. Both his slider and his changeup looked good enough to make him a reasonable candidate for the back of the rotation. He definitely opened my eyes.

But we can leave the Vargas discussion for another day, after he gets some more successful innings under his belt. For now, what's important is that Silva's job is in jeopardy. In the second year of a four-year contract. Carlos Silva is why even when I'm being pessimistic, I'm never sure if I'm being pessimistic enough. Wednesday is going to be fascinating.