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Quote Of The Day

On the heels of a lousy relief appearance in New York, Daniel Cabrera was DFA'd by the Nationals last night. His final numbers: 40 innings, 16 strikeouts, 35 walks, a 5.85 ERA, and a 7.76 tRA. His once blazing fastball dropped all the way to a 91mph average, and given his awful command and poor secondary stuff, Cabrera found himself incapable of both throwing strikes and missing bats. His time spent in Washington was time spent as arguably the worst pitcher in the Major Leagues.

Said acting GM Mike Rizzo on Cabrera's DFA:

I was tired of watching him.

A lot of times, GMs will respond to situations like this by saying something guarded and innocuous. It seems that when you're 13-32, the honestly starts to come out.