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Series Preview: San Francisco Giants @ Seattle Mariners

Seattle: 19-23
San Francisco: 19-21


-43.7 (29th) -38.3 (27th) SF
10.6 (6th) -0.4 (12th) SEA
9.4 (10th) 3.7 (14th) SEA
-9.4 (23rd) -3.5 (19th) SF
-33.1 -38.5 Seattle

Well that was some nice momentum the team took out of its series win against Boston. Congrats fuckheads.

The offense is now down to almost 44 runs below average with its .312 wOBA*. Last season the motley group of pus spewing vagabonds managed to cobble together at .325 wOBA* and that was in a tougher league environment! Y'all are pathetic. Just flat out pathetic. Aside from Branyan, Griffey and Cedeno everyone was below average against the Angels. The Angels who rolled out a mediocre John Lackey, a 30-year-old shit rookie, a not yet healthy Ervin Santana and Joe freakin' Saunders. God, you people suck. You deserve to feel terrible. I hope you feel terrible.

The rotation's overall numbers stepped up a bit this series, but don't let that fool you. That was built entirely off Chris Jakubauskas' fan dance performance of allowing no line drives. Erik Bedard managed to lose a game in which he posted a BABIP of 0.000, though again that's more at fault with the bloody offense.

Brandon Morrow struck out six and walked just one in four inning, but he also allowed a home run and at this point might as well be our version of PTSD Brad Lidge before he got good again and without the fondness of having the previous good years to recollect. I'd rather watch Miguel Batista than you, Brandon.



Game 1: Jason Vargas* vs. Randy Johnson*
Game 2: Jarrod Washburn* vs. Matt Cain
Game 3: Felix Hernandez vs. Barry Zito*

Randy Johnson is still missing bats at a goodly pace. He's missing the strike zone a little bit more often, but nothing that would be worth this much suck, especially when his ground ball rate is up a tick. What has been killing him is a sharp increase in home runs allowed with 10 in 40.2 innings. Randy is fine, his tRA* is even below the league average. I cannot wait to welcome his way on the path toward regression tonight. Because it's not like we have anyone in our line up from the right side that can hit a home run. In fact, what the fuck can they do besides suck? They've hit a total of 17 home runs this year. Our lefties, despite being four in number and half of them being Ichiro Suzuki and Endy Chavez, have hit 19.

Matt Cain's season is starting to look a lot like his 2005 campaign as his walks have reached a career high and his strikeouts a career low, the worst ratio he's seen since 2005. The strikeouts are backed up by an all time worse swinging strike rate. That's all good news for a 24-year-old. But hey, for all I know, at least he's not retarded like Felix is.

Barry Zito has improved his ability to throw strikes, but not miss bats, which is down another tick to 7.0%, a career low. He has generated a few more ground balls this season though, a small consolation. Going on his third year of this, I think we can say with confidence that the Barry Zito San Francisco thought it was signing is never going to arrive. Instead, they're stuck with the Barry Zito that I begged the Mariners not to sign.

Tim Lincecum's strikeout rate is better this season. So is his walk rate. Fuck you, Bob Fontaine. Fuck you, Bill Bavasi.


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