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Daytime Observation

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Daniel Cabrera got the start for Washington today. He threw 94 pitches over six innings, hitting the zone with just 47% of them and getting strikes on just 61% of them. He also missed all of one bat - one - despite facing a lineup that a year ago made the least amount of contact in baseball.

For good measure, he didn't record many groundballs and his fastball came in at an average of 91.9mph, which is down from 92.6 in 2008, 94.3 in 2007, 94.8 in 2006, and 96.2 in 2005.

Cabrera used to be a frustrating arm with a ton of promise. Now he sucks. The Nationals may think they have a project fit for reclamation, but in reality they're just molding a pile of crap.