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Bad News!

According to California state law, buying a personal firearm comes with a ten-day waiting period.

The Mariners have abandoned, for now, any plans to have former No. 1 draft pick Phillippe Aumont continue in a starting role.

"We felt that this was a guy, who, if used in a relief role, could be on a real fast-track to the major leagues,'' he said. "And we're talking a real fast track.''

In the end, Zduriencik said, it came down to whether the team was willing to wait several more years for Aumont to develop as a potential front-end starter for the rotation -- never a guarantee -- or go the more likely route of becoming a top bullpen arm in a much shorter timeframe. (Baker)

Phillippe Aumont is 20 years old and just used his A-level heat and sharp breaking ball to sit down some excellent hitters in the WBC. Now, out of nowhere, it appears he's being moved from the rotation into the bullpen. After appearing in all of 15 minor league games.

This may not be permanent. Dave mentions that the front office has been talking about moving Aumont to the bullpen temporarily in an effort to manage his workload. But the way Zduriencik comes off in Baker's piece...I didn't hold the Morrow thing against the organization, because that was simply a matter of his body not being built for such a demanding role, but if this is true, and if this is permanent, then it's an unforgivably, unbelievably, irresponsibly short-sighted decision.

Phillippe Aumont is 20 years old. TWENTY YEARS OLD. There is absolutely no reason to do this.