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Series Preview: Seattle Mariners @ Chicago White Sox

Seattle: 12-7
White Sox: 9-9


-23.3 (29th) -4.1 (20th) CHW!
7.4 (4th) -4.9 (21st) SEA!!
18.1 (2nd) 6.3 (8th) SEA
4.7 (6th) 2.3 (13th) SEA
6.9 -0.4 Seattle

The lineup sees a little bounce back during the Anaheim series, gaining a run to average. However, the pitching loses about three runs, mostly from the bullpen as Roy Corcoran looks not long for the big team. If he has an option left then I have no problem with him heading down Tacoma way as soon as possible. However, if doing so would expose him to waivers, I would be a little more hesitant for the time being. His 2008 was too good for me to want to jettison him this early into 2009.

The team lost a run and three spots in UZR. Thanks, Yuni. You are now the worst qualified fielder in baseball and a third of a win below replacement level as a player. Astounding.


Game 1: Chris Jakubauskus vs John Danks*
Game 2: Felix Hernandez vs Bartolo Colon
Game 1: Erik Bedard* vs. Gavin Floyd

It kind of sucks to be facing a tough lefty like John Danks, but hey, remember we could have been facing him a lot more often. Thanks, Jon Daniels! Danks has notched up another level on the missed bats so far this season but is also missing the strike zone more often as well. If this game actually gets played (weather forecast is not promising), it would be a nice opportunity for some of the team's right-handed hitters to finally get going.

Bartolo Colon has been quite not bad for the White Sox early into the season but he has just eight swinging strikes in 249 pitches. He also doesn't throw strikes all that often. His low tRA is based entirely off his batted ball profile which right now boasts a good ground ball rate and an incredibly not-going-to-sniff-lasting 7.3% line drive rate.

Gavin Floyd is consistently mediocre and for that he is to be, not congratulated exactly I guess, but something. He's certainly still one of the best baseball pitchers on the planet when you look at it from a percentile perspective. So, yeah, there's that, Gavin. He misses some bats and he misses the zone. The big knock on him has usually been home runs. He's going to love facing us.


Sub Zero Barrel-Aged Barleywine
Rock Bottom Chicago. Chicago, IL

It's rare to see a Rock Bottom franchise with exemplary brews, but the one in Chicago really delivers. Chicago is a big time stout city as well, but going in a slightly different direction, I feel this barleywine really tells the story of how good this Rock Bottom is. Making a good barleywine takes more precision and aging than stouts and for a place to have a 90th percentile barleywine is a good indicator of quality brewing.