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Yesterday's Fun Fact

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It doesn't really matter anymore, since we wound up winning, but something interesting fell out of my time spent messing around with the PITCHf/x data. Using the RHB and LHB strike zones defined by this John Walsh article:

Felix: threw 15 pitches in the zone that umpire Sam Holbrook called balls
Shields: threw 0 pitches in the zone that umpire Sam Holbrook called balls

Of the 44 balls Felix threw yesterday, 15 of them should've been called strikes. He was just getting royally screwed, particularly down in the zone. He was doing a great job of pitching to the knees, but more often than not, Holbrook didn't see it that way.

Interestingly, all 15 of those pitches were fastballs, so it's not like Holbrook was getting confused by curveballs or sliders. He was just giving Felix a smaller strike zone than the one he gave James Shields. Why? I dunno. Maybe jealousy. Although it'd be fun to blame Rob Johnson for this. Nice framing, douchebag.

According to the box score, Felix threw a pretty good game, missing bats and keeping the ball on the ground despite not having his best location. According to reality, he was even better than that. Kudos to the King on a job brilliantly done.