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RRS Might Be In Trouble

Baker brings the news:

I caught up with Ryan Rowland-Smith before the game and he was not in great spirits. It turns out that Rowland-Smith has not thrown a baseball all week since that flareup of biceps tendonitis after he threw on the side before the team's home opener.
"I just want to talk to him about it and see what he says,'' Rowland-Smith said. "Because it doesn't seem like it's getting any better.''

I didn't think this was anything to worry about when it first came up, figuring that RRS would be back in the minimum. But the way he's talking now, this is beginning to sound like something that's going to keep him out of action for a good while yet. They might want to go ahead and get that MRI, since it's been a week and you'd think that he'd see at least a little improvement were it as minor as everyone assumed.

Keep your fingers crossed. I don't think RRS' health really means all that much to the team in terms of win value - Chris Jakubauskas may just be his equal as a starter, or at least an approximation thereof - but it's a cruel world where the off-the-charts likeable RRS is sidelined while Brett Myers carries on uninterrupted.

By the way, Russ Branyan's still a little hurt. He should be back any day now. And he damn sure better be.