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The Man Most Pissed About Morrow?

Good news, Chad Cordero threw a bullpen session yesterday and came away from it saying he felt that he finally had full range of motion in his shoulder.

“Did I know that doing a couple of small things would get him full extension? After all the years of working with pitchers, I’ve picked up a few things,” Adair said, smiling. “Chad’s doing the work, and he’s surprised us. He’s going to be ready sooner than we’d hoped.”


“I threw about 40 pitches, all fastballs, and my velocity was up. I don’t throw hard, anyway – 88-89 mph, and sometimes up to 90-91. I’d say I was throwing anywhere from 82 to 84 mph today.


“When I first signed here, I was thinking I’d pitch in June, maybe July. I’m way ahead of that now,” Cordero said. “Now I’m looking at mid- to late-May.”

Reading through that story though sparked a memory, that of why Cordero signed here in the first place:

"This was definitely not the best offer," said [Cordero's Agent]. "It's strictly an opportunity move. He put most of his emphasis on the best chance of closing. He thought this was a good opportunity for that."

Think Cordero has a chip on his shoulder now? I cannot believe the beat writers haven't jumped on this yet as a source of future bad chemistry.