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Mark it Down

Monday! Monday! Monday!

It still strikes me as a little surprising how close Opening Day is. It's also a weird feeling that April 6th represents a pretty crucial deadline for me at work as well, so I've been looking to that day with a mixture of both giddy excitement and stress filled dread.

Anyways, we have word from the always awesome Larry Stone on the pitching match up. Felix Hernandez is opening up for the Ms as we have known for a while, but his expected opponent has changed from Scott Baker (now on the shelf with shoudler soreness) to Francisco Liriano.

Which means, YES!, Griffey facing one of the sickest left-handers in baseball on Opening Day! Remember when Raul Ibanez faced Brian Fuentes in 2006? How would you like to see that three times instead of just once? Well then, good news!