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The Situation at Catcher

The Mariners currently have two major-league starting catcher-capable players in the organisation. One is currently on the disabled list after hurting his hamstring on Wednesday, and the other is playing terribly so far in Tacoma after a poor spring. Clement's struggles with the bat this year are only adding to the questions about his ability to adequately play catcher, but the solution to this problem is not to roll with two buckup catchers on the 25 man roster when the team is in pole position in the AL West.

Rob Johnson and Jamie Burke are not the answers for this team, and neither matters to the franchise in the long run. Johjima's injury was the perfect excuse to let Clement sink or swim in the bigs rather than languishing in Tacoma and impacting Adam Moore's development. It was also a great excuse to get what is potentially an impact leftie bat into a lineup full of righthanded hackers. Calling up Burke rather than Clement seems to send a message that the organisation thinks pretty poorly of Jeff, especially in that they're willing to make Rob Johnson (whose defensive reputation appears to be pretty unjustified) the starting catcher for two weeks.

I know that I'm biased towards Clement, but I recognise that at this point, he's a long shot to ever making his mark at the major league level. But long shots should at least be given a shot, and the way he's been handled so far this year seems completely unfair.