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Triunfel Update, RRS to the DL

He's out for the year. Some ligaments in his ankle were damaged along with the fibula, and he's just had surgery to fix them.

This sucks.

(H/t Librocrat)

Update: Ryan Rowland-Smith is heading to the DL with tricep tendinitis. I guess we'll get to see our starting pitcher depth sooner than we expected (this also sucks). On the plus side for some of you, Matt Tuiasosopo gets to remain with the club for a little while longer. Felix day is now tomorrow rather than still Friday against Detroit, and Chris Jakubauskas makes his starting debut against the Angels in RRS's place.

Matthew's note: The DL stint can be made retroactive to the 10th, so if RRS just needs the minimum 15 days (and tricep tendinities doesn't sound too serious), he's only going to miss two starts, the 16th and 22nd.