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Triunfel Update; Generic News

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Turns out it's not his tibia that's broken, as was initially reported, but his fibula. I have no idea whether that's an easier injury to recover from or not, but this quote from Waka (from an article) seems hopeful:

"We don't know the extent of the injury, whether or not he would need surgery," Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu said prior to Saturday afternoon's game against the Athletics. "Hopefully, he doesn't, but it could be six to eight weeks."

Triunfel's flying to Seattle for an examination, and hopefully they don't find anything surgery worthy. If they don't this might not be nearly as bad as it first looked (although it's still very bad).

Speaking of people flying into Seattle, Ichiro's rejoining the team on Monday, and seems on track to come off the DL on Wednesday as expected. The team's been doing ok without him, but it'll be nice to have him to patch up our right field defence and get his bat back in as a leadoff hitter. It'll also be nice not having to worry about whether Wakamatsu would be crazy enough to actually use Matt Tuiasosopo ever.

We may not be long for having one lefty in the bullpen - former Cardinal Tyler Johnson is close to being ready for a rehab assignment (same as the Ichiro article) and will likely join the team as soon as he's done with that. Hopefully he can stop us being terrified by the likes of Morneau and Cust in late, high leverage innings.