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3/5: Open Game Thread

Listen live at 12:05. Alternatively you can pay attention to the exhibition between the Astros and team Panama. Panama went 0-3 in the last WBC, losing to the Netherlands 10-0 in a seven inning mercy rule affair, so that game should be pretty even.

Here are your Mariner and Angel lineups. Ryan Feierabend did have Tommy John surgery yesterday, by the way, so he's done for the year. Also, Griffey might be the only person capable of convincing the media that they talk too much about Griffey.

Sitting in front of his locker afterward, Griffey said his first game with the Mariners after being away for 10 seasons "was fine" and he's still "trying to take everything in stride."

He also tried to downplay the significance of his contribution to the festivities.

"I think you guys [media] put too much effort into making this such a big story," he said.

"I understand it a little bit, but the focus should be on this team, not one guy. It's a Spring Training game. It's about doing the little things and getting this team ready to go north. It's not one person. It's 25 guys."

The best part is how this is the one time all year the media won't hang on every word he says.