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SB Nation and the AP have reached an agreement that lets us utilize their game photos automatically in stories. This will allow us to add a little more visual pizazz to game recaps or basically any story. If it weren't for the much more interesting writing and abundant use of swear words, this place might actually start resembling a quality media outlet.

As a test of this newfangled set up, I've decided to include a picture of something we hope to see plenty of this coming season, Franklin Gutierrez catching a fly ball. I would include a similar photo of Raul Ibanez not catching a fly ball, but the system seems to have a built in limitation of one AP photo per story. Lets work on that SBN, eh?

Overall thoughts? Is it cool? Distracting? Prefer MS Paint representations? Sound off in the comments and I promise that I will at least nod with a thoughtful expression on my face as I skip over them.


Do you think Tony Gutierrez follows Franklin around trying to claim that he's his long lost cousin or something?