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March 2nd, 2009:

This spring, thanks to a minor hip alteration during [Jarrod Washburn's] delivery suggested by pitching coach Rick Adair and bullpen coach John Wetteland, his fastball may have more movement than ever.

"It was something simple they suggested," Washburn said, being purposefully vague. "It allows me to get out in front farther."

That gives the ball a tad more whoosh as it gets to the plate.

"It adds some life," said Washburn

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April 21st, 2008:

It seems there's a reason Batista logged an impressive 7-2/3 shutout innings and eight strikeouts on a day his fastball was down several miles per hour in velocity.

"I might have found something that I wish I might have found years ago in my career," Batista said. "I don't know if I'm right yet. It's going to take me at least four or five more starts to figure out if it's going to be able to work as good as I believe it might work.

"And if it does, I might be able to pitch another five years."

That's a negatory, Houston. No Go.

Miguel Batista after that game: 90.1 IP, 57 Ks, 69 BB, 18 HR

Well, we're screwed. Thanks, Chuck.