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Morrow's Done as a Starter?

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Big news out of camp. Moments ago, I spoke to Brandon Morrow after he'd thrown a bullpen session and he told me (and Shannon Drayer and Tim Booth of AP) that he plans to be a full-time closer from now on. Not just this month, not just this season. For good.

This just doesn't make any sense. None. Zero. Sure he was having some forearm issues, but unless there is a lot more to the medical side that we are not getting (possible), then this is just plain baffling.

"I feel good about it,'' [Morrow] said. "I feel back home.''

This also doesn't make sense. Morrow had been on record as wanting to start for a long time. What gives here?

If this were under Bavasi's tenure, I think our first thoughts would be that this is a knee-jerk reaction to the bullpen looking rocky out of Spring Training. But, we know the current front office wants Morrow in the rotation. Just a week or so ago they said that Morrow would be starting games somewhere for sure, whether it be with Seattle if his arm healed in time, or with Tacoma if it didn't. And now comes this?

Well, if you go by the context that Geoff Baker builds, this decision was Morrow's. I have to question a player telling the team where he can be used so the team has to be at least malleable to the idea, which irks me. This is not good for the team. This is another substantial blow to the team's ceiling coming mere hours after the news on Jeff Clement. Also, Tyler Walker was released.

The 2009 Mariners have gotten a lot worse today. Substantially worse. And what's most troubling is that the blight of bad news today is centering on two of the biggest pieces for future success.

Sure am glad we signed Josh Fields now...