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Two Quick Things

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1. Geoff Baker might be the best beat writer in baseball. Just check out his latest article and blog entry. No, he's not quite Tango v2.0, but the man is motivated to learn, and the effort he's put into gaining a better understanding of defensive statistics (and then writing it up for the masses) just blows my mind. Good on you, Geoff.

2. Carlos Silva is a great role model.

"In the bullpen I am so calm so relaxed and do what I want to do. In the game every time I am hit I just want to break the catchers glove. I force everything, like overthrowing. that's the way I was pitching today."
I wrote after his final outing in the WBC about his tendency to tense up and grip the ball too hard when things start to go wrong for him. He acknowledged that is a problem.

I remember when Felix had attitude problems on the mound. He was 21.