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The Nationals Whiff Again

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Shawn Hill, also known as the Nationals best starting pitcher last year and in 2007 by tRA, is getting released. They claim to be doing this because of concerns over Hill's health, but what was the downside in keeping him around? He was set to earn about $775K. Whoever his replacement is will earn at least the league minimum of $400K and Rotoworld claims (cannot confirm) that there's a $130K termination pay due to Hill for being released.

Granted, Hill has battled injuries, but is saving a few hundred thousand worth dumping the guy who has performed the best on your team the last two years? He's not particularly good, but he's useful and the Nationals just have no pitching. Wouldn't you be much better off keeping him around, hoping he stays healthy and if so, if you really don't trust him, trading him off in July? I don't get it, from any angle this seems to be a preposterously short-sighted move.

That's okay, I'm sure Daniel Cabrera and his plummeting swinging strike rate will really help stabilize your rotation guys.