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Mariners Claim Jesus Delgado


In what is clearly the best move of the off season, GM Jack Zduriencik has picked up 24-year-old RHP relief pitcher named Jesus Delgado from the Florida Marlins.

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This is just even more proof to shove in the face of all those negative nancys that Jack Zduriencik is master of GMing and clearly worthy of the utmost praise and adulation. If you will all queue up in an orderly fashion, I will begin handing out numbered tickets which entitle you to personally grovel at his feet over the next few weeks. For a small $500 fee, you can do even more than that. I know you all want to, because this is the move that will put us over the top.

Long live the Mariner dynasty! Viva la reliever revolution!

Unreasonable love aside, Delgado is what he is, a hard throwing 24-year-old righty from Florida who spent the majority of last year being exactly average in AA. The Marlins probably placed him on waivers to save $12 on uniform lettering. It's an inconsequential move for the time being.