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Chad Cordero to the M's

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Chad Cordero is now a Mariner - apparently we've just picked him up on a minor league contract. Cordero's a guy who's been bitten pretty badly by injury lately (hence us being able to sign him to a minor league contract), but when healthy he's been a pretty good closer, posting tRAs between 2.43 and 3.92 in his injury-free years in the Capital (and yes, there's a league differential, but it's probably offset by the fact that he wasn't ever pitching against the Nationals).

He's a guy in the Huston Street mold in that he's been a closer throughout college and his pro career; the major difference between the two being that Street's labrum isn't hilariously bollocksed. Labrum tears are not happy creatures, and there's a very real chance Cordero never gets his stuff back, but we don't lose anything by taking a flyer on him.

The signing doesn't answer any questions (unless 'Will the Mariners sign Chad Cordero to a minor league contract?' counts), but it's a nifty little no-risk, decent upside deal to add bullpen depth. Cordero's still rehabbing, as far as I know, so we won't know how he's faring for some time, but even if nothing comes of this signing, you should be pleased with it anyway - it just reinforces the fact our front office knows what it's doing. The happy times are upon us.