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A few days after reading about platelet-rich plasma therapy at The Book Blog, we get this bit on Gary Matthews Jr.:

When the Angels' outfielder underwent surgery to repair a partially torn patella tendon in his left knee Oct. 28, he also underwent a simultaneous procedure that included re-injecting a small quantity of his own blood into the surgical site. Four months after the surgery, Matthews is ahead of schedule in his recovery and talking about being ready to play Opening Day.

Matthews Jr. isn't the only baseball player to undergo this procedure, but I think he's the latest, and it seems to have worked pretty well. By having some of his own blood concentrated down and injected directly into the injured tendon, Matthews Jr. was able to introduce blood-based healing promoters and agents into a poorly vascularized region of his body, thereby seemingly speeding up his recovery time. 

In other words, the performance of Matthews Jr.'s body may have been improved by a process the body is by and large unable to perform on its own.

Before we go all crazy chasing after Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds and trying to erase their numbers from the record books, it might be a good idea to stop and ask ourselves, "why?"