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Via Bob Condotta, who's covering for Geoff Baker while Baker's prolific ass takes a well-deserved break:

I talked with Wladimir Balentien for a while before the game here in Surprise and he told me the same story you may have read elsewhere --- a young relative got hold of his visa, he said, and dropped it in some water damaging some pages. He thought it would still be good, but was told otherwise when he showed up in Venezuela on his way to the US from Curacao. So he had to wait 10 days or so to get a new one.

He's here in Surprise today and on the bench but isn't expected to play.

This is a big opportunity for Wlad - with so few outfielders in camp right now, he's staring at a chance to get a whole lot of playing time, and while the annoying delay didn't really work in anyone's best interests, he can still take advantage of the situation provided he works himself into shape fast enough. A torrid spring could mean an awful lot for his immediate future, especially without Endy Chavez hanging around to put his defense to shame. Glovework is a pressing issue of his, but the more time he gets to spend in the outfield with guys like Griffey, Mike Morse, and Bryan LaHair, the less likely it is to be perceived as a problem. To context!

edit: That's not what I mean by "prolific ass." You're disgusting.