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Bobby Abreu Is A Dateless Wonder


Negotiations between the Chicago White Sox and free-agent outfielder Bobby Abreu stalled early this week after the team floated the possibility of a one-year, $8 million contract, said a baseball source.

The source disputed a New York Daily News report that said the White Sox had made Abreu an $8 million offer...According to the source, the White Sox have some interest in acquiring Abreu and adding a pitcher, but Williams can't make those moves unless he trades right fielder Jermaine Dye and his $11.5 million salary. And the team has made little or no headway in trade talks involving Dye.

According to Cot's, Bobby Abreu has earned nearly $95m over the course of his career. I'm beginning to think that, if he wants to play baseball next season, he should just sign Jermaine Dye or Jarrod Washburn himself.