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Ms to Adrian: No WBC

LaRue Link

Adrian Beltre gave up his apartment, was ready to leave for the World Baseball Classic tomorrow and then got the news – the Seattle Mariners had made the decision for him and he won’t be going, after all.

So, concerned over the pace of Beltre's rehab, Jack Zduriencik flat out tells Beltre that he's not allowed to go play for the Domincan Republic team. It's an interesting development on a few levels. How will Beltre respond on and off the field? Does this mean his rehab is a bigger deal than some of us were thinking?

It's somewhat of a gutsy move by Zdurencik given the tenure of Beltre versus his own. My first thoughts run to how this might play in the offseason when Beltre's contract expires, but I am glad to see, further down in LaRue's piece:

All and all, a tough decision handled with class. Beltre took it with grace - something many players wouldn't have done. And Zduriencik made a call he knew would break the heart of a player he respects.

Beltre's awesome and Zdurencik isn't going to pander to players in favor of the team. I think I like our new GM.