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Greg Halman Is Ambitious

"Talentwise, I know I am close. I know I can play in the big leagues. Mental wise, I am not as far as thinking, like yesterday, I see Endy Chavez, and I was like, "Damn, he is so smart tagging on the fly ball to center." The way that he plays, without even thinking. I know that talentwise, mentalwise I can compete with them anytime. It is just that they are a little further. I really want to be like Endy. I know that when I have that, I am ready." (Drayer)

Every so often back in high school, I'd turn on the TV and daydream about one day becoming a successful actor. One of the shows I liked was Boston Public. I'd see Michael Rapaport and think "man, I really want to be like Michael Rapaport."