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Ryan Feierabend's Season Over

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Noseabend is undergoing Tommy John surgery which almost certainly costs him the entire 2009 season. It's not a huge blow to the Ms for this season, because if Feierabend was being counted on for starts this year, then something probably already blew up.

However, it is a blow to Ryan's development. He gets maligned a bit for his underwhelming stuff and long-shot chance to ever be better than a back-of-the-rotation guy, but Feierabend is young, entering just his age 23 season in 2009. The odds were never in his favor, but he was part of the nice redundant group of low-ceiling, LH SPs who could come up and pitch in for a time being.

Good thing we have Garrett Olson floating around huh? I wonder if this retards any plans Zdurencik might have had about dumping some of this winter's accumulated SP depth in a trade.