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Welcome Yahooians

Dear everyone,

As you may or may not have heard or seen yet, SBN has entered into a partnership with Yahoo! Sports. Each team's SBN blog now has a small widget on the Yahoo! Sports team page and some of our content will be made more visible through Yahoo! Buzz.

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Dear new people,

Welcome! We here at Lookout Landing enjoy having new voices join the community. However, please be aware that this is a long standing community with a rather large base of very frequent users, and as such, we recommend that you try to read as much as you can (except for the off-topic posts, stay away from those) first to get a feel for the tone and attitudes before jumping right in with a post. Namely, we place a high premium on self-effort here. Take the time to organize your thoughts; capitalize when appropriate; use correct spelling and grammar most of the time. If you do those, you should be fine.

Beyond that, we also have a few rules. No political discussion. None. Don't even allude to political figures, even apolitically. It just opens a door we want firmly shut, bolted and then buried at the bottom of the sea. Ditto religion. This is a sports blog after all and there are plenty of other places to go for those. Going back to the effort aspect mentioned above, we abhor chat (or text) speak. No LOL, +1, ur, u, etc. A lot of these rules are laid out in more detail here and here. We try to be open and inviting, but those are our rules and violation of them is not tolerated, nor is pleading ignorance of them. If you violate them, you will be warned. These are not tough rules to follow though so don't be intimidated by them. If you want, feel free to use this thread to introduce yourself.

Dear current LL denizens,

We might be seeing a veritable torrent of new users in the coming weeks and months. Please do your best to assist them in acclimating to our culture here. For the internet, we are pretty demanding of our comments. I know we all appreciate our collective standards and are proud of them; just try to remember that it is likely a foreign concept to most surfers. Please be courteous in your assistance and remember that while the mods may not be actively posting in a thread, we are around and you can utilize our e-mails or comment flags to alert us to issues that you think we need to handle.