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The Aged Are Persuasive, Meddlesome

Jerry Crasnick:

Griffey spoke by phone with both [Willie] Mays and [Hank] Aaron on Wednesday while trying to choose between signing with the Seattle Mariners and Atlanta Braves, said his agent, Brian Goldberg.

Aaron, a senior vice president for the Braves, lobbied for Atlanta, while Mays refrained from recommending either club.
"They told him, 'You might have to make some short-term sacrifices. But the bottom line is, 'Go by how you want to be remembered for the next 50 years after you're done.' "

Aaron: Difficult decisions are solved not by the head, but by the heart.
Mays: When searching for an answer, one must not subject himself to intense introspection. Rather, it is only by removing oneself from his mind that true solutions become attainable.
Aaron: Man is always consumed by the immediate. True knowledge is in the understanding of the panoptic.
Mays: Are your fears as they are understood, or are they borne of something more?
Aaron: Know. There is no choose.
Mays: As the lone butterfly engenders a storm, so decisions of seemingly inconsequential significance foment a life path unique from all others.
Griffey: Seriously guys I'm just getting a sandwich