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Going to See the Ballet

But there’s still no doubt in my mind that, as we reported yesterday in the AJC, Griffey has decided to be a Brave. A conversation with Chipper Jones 15 minutes ago only underscored that belief.

"All signs are good" said Chipper, who's talked to Griffey daily for the past week. "But I'm not going to smile until he's signed."

For the record, Chipper smiled as he said that.)

--7:23 a.m., Atlanta Journal-Constitutional

Atlanta Braves officials denied Wednesday they have signed outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. and believe Griffey is leaning towards signing with the Seattle Mariners.

--9:38 a.m., WSB

"I really don't know,'' [Braves GM Frank Wren] said. "I think he's contemplating the decision, so we're waiting to see what he decides.":

--10:41 a.m., Larry Stone