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My Favorite Part Of Any Article

The agent.

On Gary Matthews Jr.:

"They know where we stand," Matthews' agent, Scott Leventhal, told "Gary wants to play every day, and he wants to play center field."

"He's still got an amazing amount of talent," Leventhal said.

On Jacque Jones:

"I think any team will be impressed to sit across from Jacque Jones and reach out and shake his hand," Lapa said. "He looks as if he took his uniform off two weeks ago -- probably the best that I've seen him look. He has a lot of baseball left in his body, and he's looking for a team, hoping to make them look like geniuses."

On Rich Harden:

Tellem added that Harden, who has a history of shoulder problems, is healthy. "He’s fine," the agent said. "If the team had been in the race, he would have been pitching (at the end of the season). No health issues at all."

If a sportswriter is going to quote a player's agent in a story, then in the interest of being fair, he should also have to quote a guy whose wife the player hit on.