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Multiple Major League Sources Say Mariners, Chone Figgins Aware Of One Another

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Well this kind of came out of nowhere:

The Mariners are the clear frontrunners to sign free-agent third baseman Chone Figgins, multiple major league sources told on Thursday night.

Figgins is the team's first choice to succeed Adrian Beltre at third base, the sources said. The team and Figgins' representatives engaged in serious talks Thursday.

I'm not going to completely buy into it yet, as sources have linked the Mariners to pretty much every big name on the market and this could very easily be a big ol' load. But Figgins is an...intriguing name, and an unexpected one, which makes this interesting to think about. With Figgins, the Mariners, of course, would never hit a home run, ever, in any game, but as an honest-to-God switch-hitter who can draw a lot of walks and play a decent third base, he's a fine player. Better than Jason Bay, and though he's not markedly better than Adrian Beltre (if at all), he's a better fit for the park.

I'm not absolutely wild about Figgins, but then I don't know how his market's going to develop, so if the Mariners really are involved in serious discussion, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for now. I also implore you not to get too carried away by this. Everything is a rumor until it's not, and this is just a rumor. A fascinating rumor that would drive other teams crazy if it came to fruition, but a rumor nonetheless.