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Morrow On the Move?

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Update 23:02 - Brandon League confirms he's flying to Seattle for a physical.

You know, I was rather looking forward to working on some stuff that's been piling up for some time now, but our GM just keeps making moves. The latest, so it is being talked about by Ken Rosenthal, is that Brandon Morrow is being shipped to Toronto in exchange for Brandon League and an unknown prospect.

Stay tuned for any word on the validity of this, any mention of the prospect involved and some analysis on Brandon League. It seems like an odd one, so try to avoid getting too worked up until we hear more and/or from another source.

League, a right-hander, enters his age 27 season in 2010 and his second (of four) arbitration years. He's a free agent after the 2012 season. Morrow, meanwhile, is under team control through 2013. Known for his velocity, League spent some time on the shelf in 2007 after a great year in '06. He split 2008 between Triple-A and Toronto and was solid and was with Toronto all of 2009, posting an outrageous 14.3% swinging strike rate and striking out nearly one-quarter of all batters faced.

League is also a significant ground baller, relying on his mid-to-high-90s sinker as almost his only weapon. He introduced a changeup/splitter this past season to solid success. If you need a quick comparable, Brandon League is basically a groundballing David Aardsma, with more velocity. He instantly becomes a fantastic set up option and a very useful part of the bullpen. Relievers are volatile of course.

Just for funsies, here's CHONE's projections:

League - 60IP, 53K, 21BB, 6HR, 3.78 FIP
Morrow - 63IP, 60K, 33BB, 6HR, 4.10 FIP

Obviously, CHONE discounts Morrow's potential as a starter.