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Because We Couldn't Go Three Days Without One

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Rosenthal tweeting that the Mariners have traded RHP Brandon Morrow to the Blue Jays for Brandon League and a prospect. League is a pretty decent reliever, actually, but he's not really worth our Brandon, so let's hold out hope that this prospect is someone shiny. Wallace, anyone?

More as it comes, of course.

And let's wait until we know who the prospect is before passing judgment, ok? This deal isn't going to make much sense otherwise.

Of note: League just finished his first year of arb (I believe he was a super two) so he's guaranteed to be more expensive than Morrow. I'm also not sure he's any better as a reliever, and certainly not as a starter. The prospect would have to be both advanced and pretty good in order to help us now. I really don't see a fit outside of Wallace, but I also don't see how Morrow would fetch him back.