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Important Change Regarding USSM(/LL) Event

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Additional 1:42pm update: 0 left.

Additional 12:50pm update: 70 left. Buy now if you want in, we're not going to be able to get any more space for this thing.

Additional 11:49am update: Down to 150 left. Already.

Note: whoever bumped the post below this one can suck it

For those of you who couldn't get tickets in time following the previous announcement, we have good news - a change in venue has pretty much doubled capacity, meaning you've all got a second chance. Here's the Brown Paper Tickets link. Act fast, because as you all well remember, the initial round of tickets sold out in less than three hours.

You'll notice that these tickets now cost $17. This is to help cover the cost of moving to Benaroya Hall, which is freaking expensive. Those of you who already paid $10 are all set. Consider it an early bird special. Everybody else is stuck with the new price, but for everything you get, there's no sense in bitching. Pay it and shut up.

Also, as Dave says:

Again, please select "physical tickets" and have them mailed to you or print-at-home. This will make everything go much, much more smoothly on the day of the event than if we’re having to check IDs at Will Call for a couple hundred people.

We'll see twice as many of you there. Hopefully. If it turns out there was only enough demand to sell out the library then boy will there be egg on our faces.