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Whom Do You Like the Least?

Miguel Batista has departed via free agency, Kenji Johjima's contract was voided and Carlos Silva was miraculously dealt away. So I am left to wonder, who is our whipping boy now? There are no bad contracts on the team, nobody whose performance vastly underwhelms their salary, or is horrible at defense, or is blocking a stud prospect.

I find myself not hating anyone on the team. The highest my disgust meter is rating is "mildly dislike". What about you? Who on the current 40-man roster is your least favorite, for whatever reason? I tried to include what I thought were the most likely candidates in the poll, but I also included a "Someone Else" option in case I missed the player in your mind.

Also, with Beltre gone in addition to the others, many a casual fan's whipping boy from 2009 is somewhere else as well. In the comments, I'd be interested to read what you think will be the player most dissed by sports radio callers.