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January 9th, USSM Event

UPDATE: 12/21 - We got a bigger venue. 250 more tickets up for sale. Here's the sale link.

Go ahead and plan on being there. Here's Dave's announcement of the event - Saturday, January 9th, Seattle Central Library, 1-5pm. It'll cost you $10 to get in - see Dave's post for details on how to get tickets (new process!) - but once you're through the door, you'll get four hours with some sexy bloggers and some less sexy but far more intelligent members of the Mariner front office. These events have always gone well. Even during the Bavasi days. But the last two in particular have been incredible, so this isn't something you'll want to miss. If nothing else, consider it $10 to kiss the feet of the guys who got Cliff Lee, and if you're lucky you'll get smarter by osmosis.

Only 275 seats, so act fast. Dilly-dallying isn't going to work to your benefit, as a sellout is a virtual certainty. You guys realize we're almost World Series contenders, right?

If you're planning on leaving a comment under this post announcing your disappointment that you won't be able to attend, thanks, that's super important and relevant to everyone. No, we're not going to have a webcam or a podcast.

(Note: these are considered USSM events because Dave does most of the work and most of the talking. As such, feel free to direct all your bitching his way. Not my fault!)