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An Attempt to Quantify the Division, beta edition

It's great to know how the Mariners' projected team is stacking up, but ultimately we do not play in a vacuum but in a four-team division. In order to establish some relativity to our discussions, I went about compiling a version of the sheet that Jeff posted below for the other three teams.

First the caveats. This is a gross estimation. I am nowhere near as knowledgeable about those teams as I am about the Mariners and thus projecting depth charts was a lot tougher. That being said, most of the fringey decisions (is Macier Izturis or Brandon Wood the starter at 3B for the Angels?) do not represent much variance in terms of projected production. When I wasn't sure, I defaulted to the player with the better projection.

As for the following, they are a combination of CHONE and me glancing at past history in WAR, tRA, UZR and the like in order to determine what I thought felt about right. These are not precise, but I am pretty comfortable thinking that I overshot as much as I undershot. I am also including my own version for the Mariners, which I did independently of Jeff's.

If you have any corrections to offer, please do so in the comments. If you do it politely, you'll be listened to.


POS Player WAR POS Player WAR
C Napoli 3.5 SP Santana 2.5
1B Morales 3 SP Weaver 3.5
2B Kendrick 2.5 SP Saunders 2
3B Izturis 2 SP Kazmir 2.5
SS Aybar 2.5 SP Palmer 1
LF Rivera 2 CL Fuentes 0.5
CF Hunter 3.25 Pen Assorted 1.5
RF Abreu 2 TOTAL - 13.5
DH Matsui 2
Bench Assorted 1
TOTAL - 23.75


POS Player WAR POS Player WAR
C Suzuki 3 SP Braden 2.25
1B Barton 1 SP Anderson 3.5
2B Ellis 2 SP Gonzalez 1.5
3B Chavez 1 SP Mazzaro 1
SS Pennington 1 SP Outman 1.25
LF Buck 1 CL Bailey 1
CF Davis 2 Pen Assorted 3
RF Sweeney 2.5 TOTAL - 13.5
DH Fox 1
Bench Assorted 0.5
TOTAL - 15



POS Player WAR POS Player WAR
C Johnson 0.5 SP Felix 5
1B Hannahan 1 SP Lee 5.5
2B Lopez 2 SP RRS 2
3B Figgins 3 SP Snell 1
SS Wilson 2 SP Morrow 1
LF Saunders 1.5 CL Aardsma 1
CF Gutierrez 4 Pen Assorted 1
RF Ichiro! 4 TOTAL - 16.5
DH Carp 1
Bench Assorted 1
TOTAL - 20


POS Player WAR POS Player WAR
C Teagarden 0.5 SP Harden 3
1B Davis 0 SP Feldman 2.5
2B Kinsler 4 SP Feliz/Holland 3.5
3B Young 3 SP Hunter 1.5
SS Andrus 3 SP McCarthy 1
LF Murphy 1.5 CL Francisco 1
CF Hamilton 3 Pen Assorted 2
RF Cruz 3.5 TOTAL - 14.5
DH Borbon 1
Bench Assorted 1
TOTAL - 20.5



hWAR pWAR Proj. Wins
ANAHEIM 23.75 13.5 85.25
SEATTLE 20 16.5 84.5
TEXAS 20.5 14.5 83
OAKLAND 15 13.5 76.5






Some notes:

-The Athletics project to spread a lot of innings around 7-8 starters, hence the higher WAR in their assorted pen.
-I combined Feliz and Holland into one slot since I figure they won't both be in the rotation at the same time.

Obviously, the offseason is nowhere near complete and teams are still filling holes. That is why the WAR totals here are lower than you'd expect. The Angels are 9 wins below their 2009 total, the A's 8 wins, the Mariners 1 win and the Rangers 5 wins. It's unlikely that all four teams (though not impossible since all four were above average in 2009) take a step backward in 2010. Still, hopefully this can provide a starting point for us to figure out a better estimate for the division as the winter progresses.