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Changing-The-Subject Thread

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We're probably not going to learn anything new about this deal today so it's time to talk about something else for a little while in order to avoid all the cabin fever. Word has it that the Red Sox and Mike Cameron have tentatively agreed on a two-year deal worth around $15m or so. Cammy will receive regular playing time, and as a second-tier acquisition, budget room remains for Boston to make a move for Adrian Beltre should the Mike Lowell situation get cleared up.

If you take a team, and you hate that team, and then that team loads up on players you love, do you hate the team less?

I would've thought so, but faced with the reality of the situation, it feels more like the team is just nailing the snot out of ex-girlfriends you wish you'd never let get away.

Mike Cameron and Adrian Beltre are two of my favorite players of all time. God damn you, Boston, for tainting at least one of them, and quite probably tainting them both. I don't deserve this, and I hope you burn for it.