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Assorted Quick Monday Morning Bullet Points

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  • Ed Price and now Ken Rosenthal are reporting that John Lackey has taken a physical for the Red Sox. Taking a physical doesn't mean that Lackey and Boston have agreed on a contract, but it does strongly imply that they're close, which would mean a handful of things:

    -Boston's moving on from Jason Bay
    -Lackey would be off the table for us and the Angels
    -Clay Buchholz could be available in a trade

    Lackey going to Boston wouldn't be the worst thing in the world - even though the Red Sox are one of two teams that could absorb his contract no problem, he's not a great fit here at his expected cost. What this would do, however, is change the shape of the offseason, for both us and our closest rivals. We'd end up with one less high-level option, and the Angels would probably step up their pursuit of Roy Halladay. To be honest, now that Harden's off the board, I have no idea what the front office is planning. He seemed like such a great fit that I gave little attention to devising a Plan B. But with him disappearing and Lackey maybe being next, Zduriencik is going to have to get creative. That's fun, but I'd be lying if I said it isn't also a little scary. Almost as scary as paying John Lackey what he wants.

    Update: $85m/5yr for Lackey

  • There's a rumor flying around that Mike Lowell could need surgery on his trick thumb, which would jeopardize that trade with the Rangers that still hasn't gone through. It seems like kind of a long shot, but given that Lowell going away frees obvious room for Adrian Beltre to become a Red Sox, I'm clinging to far more hope than I ought to. When my first serious girlfriend broke up with me, I spent the next several days reading far too much into any indication that she might change her mind. This is that, because I steadfastly refuse to learn my lesson. Adrian Beltre isn't gone until he's dating someone else, god dammit.

  • After talking with a few people last week and gaining a great deal of clarity on the matter, I feel very, very comfortable that the M's and Felix Hernandez are going to be able to work something out.