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Tuesday Bullet Points

  • The Mariners are allegedly one of a handful of teams going after Gregg Zaun, whose personal phone number you'll find programmed into any landline speed dial, right after poison control. Everybody's favorite 24/7 emergency catcher is 38 and still hasn't stopped hitting, and as a veteran switch-hitter with tons of experience and desirability who's used to moving around, Zaun makes a lot of sense for a Mariner team that wants to push its young backstops and may not be ready to promise Adam Moore a job. Cheap, decent, and forever tradeable, Zaun would be a small but significant asset to anyone, and he's expected to make his decision soon.

  • Type A FA Marco Scutaro was offered arbitration, so between this and his personally expressing interest in the Red Sox and Dodgers, you can go ahead and forget about him as a possibility, which is for the best. Not offered arbitration: Mike Cameron. By the time he retires, Cameron will probably have a stronger case for the Hall of Fame than Jim Rice, and nobody's going to care.

  • I used to think that my love of volcanoes and harp seals were the only feelings left from my childhood. I discovered a third when the Mariners hired Andy Stankiewicz as minor league field coordinator and I laughed out loud in my office. Oh, to be eight. We also hired ex-Indians/Lee/Sabathia pitching coach Carl Willis as minor league pitching coordinator, which may help, and may not help.

  • Jamey Wright is being pursued by the Royals and the Pirates, which is just about the saddest thing I've ever heard.

  • As an homage, the Mariners are waiting until 11:59pm to formally not offer arbitration to Miguel Batista. They're also drawing a big stupid goatee on the paperwork.