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Fun With The Elias Rankings

"The 2008-09 player rankings, compiled by the Elias Sports Bureau, are used to compare players and to determine compensation for free agent signings. The rankings combine stats" something something something last two years something everybody knows these are a total joke. I think even the people that publish them know they're a joke. A joke at the expense of Darren Oliver. Suck it, Darren.

  • Among the potential free agents, there are 26 Type A's, 52 Type B's, and 102 unranked. The average 08/09 WAR of the Type A's is 4.6. The average 08/09 WAR of the top 26 Type B's is 4.9.

  • The average 08/09 WAR of the bottom 26 Type B's is 1.5. The average 08/09 WAR of the top 26 unranked is 2.9.

  • 21 unranked potential free agents posted a combined 08/09 WAR of 2+. Nine Type A's and 16 Type B's were below 2.

  • Guillermo Mota and David Weathers are Type B's despite posting WARs below zero.

  • Garret Anderson is a Type B despite being one of the least valuable players in the Major Leagues last year.

  • These things are so bad I almost want to keep them forever.