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Mariners Fan? Jobless? Hate Cancer?

Next Tuesday, between 11am - 1pm, Jamie Moyer will be signing the 2010 Moyer Foundation calendar at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. The calendars, which you can see here, cost $5 and benefit Hutch School for children whose lives have been affected by cancer. You may feel disinclined to spend $5 on a signed calendar somewhere else when you can spend $5 on a signed baseball card from eBay without leaving your seat, but if you buy a card instead of a calendar, you're basically ruining a child's life, and Jesus, man, that's sick, you're sick, I don't know how you live with yourself.

Seriously, $5 to help some kids and get a little face time with one of the most uniquely successful athletes in the history of professional sports. Plus, autograph! And I guess people still use calendars. If you have the money, time, and transportation, there's no reason not to go.