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Tuesday Nothing Post

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  • It's easy to be interesting, and it's easy to be reasonable, but it isn't easy to be interesting and reasonable, and when that gets exhausting, sometimes I need to take a break. There will be more breaks. If you prefer non-stop baseball stimulation 24 hours a day, feel free to go somewhere else, because I'm not in this for the traffic.

  • A lot of people want me to post more about rumors. A rumor this afternoon from Fox Sports suggests that the Mariners could be interested in Casey Kotchman as a 1B should he be non-tendered by Boston. If Casey Kotchman were someone that doesn't suck, then Fox Sports would be on to something.

  • My favorite thing from that article is that both the Phillies and Dodgers are after Juan Castro. Juan Castro turns 38 next June and, rather appropriately, has a career wOBA 38 points below Miguel Cairo. He's played 484 games since 2004 and, over that span, has posted a negative WAR. I don't know what's more surprising: that two of the best teams in the National League are chasing Juan Castro, or that I'd apparently visited Juan Castro's Fangraphs page sometime before today.


Update: oh yeah, that article also links the M's to Nick Johnson. Well no shit.