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Dustin Ackley, the 2nd baseman?

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The idea is not new, but this is the first that I can recall it being seriously talked about. According to Shannon Drayer the Mariners are going to give Dustin Ackley some reps at second base. Here's a quick rundown of some pros and cons:


  • Ackley at second base clears the potential outfield logjam
  • Second base is still a premium defensive position
  • Second base is a hard position to find left-handed offense
  • Assuming Ackley would be a plus OFer is probably misguided


  • Transitioning to a new position could stunt Ackley's development
  • The outfield logjam with Michael Saunders, Franklin Gutierrez and Ichiro was only a potential one. It's not like all four were bleeding for Major League playing time in 2010
  • Second base is less valuable than center field
  • There's no guarantee that Ackley can be a quality defensive second baseman and if he bombs there, the team will need to move him again.

For now, I am going to reserve judgment until we get further details on just what "working out at 2nd base" entails, how the rest of the offseason goes and what level (and position) Ackley begins the 2010 Minor League season at. Also, other things might happen. Rest assured though, this is probably going to be talked about a lot. Regardless of what actually happens, the subject of the outfield's future has already been a hot topic to discuss.