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Reaction Chronology

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Chris Jakubauskas claimed by Pirates

  • Huh
  • Wait, why?
  • I guess Jak wasn't very good
  • He's over his head as a starter and just a standard replaceable long reliever. He belongs in the NL
  • Guess this opens the door a little wider for someone like Nick Hill, and increases Carlos Silva's chances of sticking as a long guy
  • Player_profile_chris_jakubauskas_medium


  • But what's the point of clearing space when you already have so much space?
  • Whatever

Robert Manuel claimed by Red Sox

  • Whatever

Peculiar moves, both of them, but it's not like we gave away a Jason Vargas or a Ryan Langerhans (yet). As impersonal as it may be to reduce players to a numerical set of projections, neither Jak nor Manuel really mattered, and neither will likely be missed. Best wishes to the Jakubaustrich anyway, as if nothing else he's going somewhere where he has a few friends. Or acquaintances. Or just people he knows kind of. If the National League can turn Ronny :(edeno's frown upside-down, it can work for anyone.

Update: Manuel, of course, can go straight to hell, and take the rest of his new teammates with him