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Right Player, Wrong Season

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Since 2000 - covering the last ten years - there have been 428 American League starter seasons with at least 150 innings pitched. Here's how Felix's 2009 ranks among them:

ERA: #5
FIP: #17
Combined*: #8

* (2*ERA + 6*FIP)/8. A quick and dirty way of still giving starters some credit for their context pitching. This stat sucks and please never use it.

Of course, neither ERA nor FIP are adjusted for park, so Felix gets a boost, but he was still excellent, and the unfortunate coincidence that Zack Greinke was better doesn't take away from the fact that Felix still had a Cy Young-caliber season. No reason to be disappointed.

The top three AL starter seasons since 2000: Pedro Martinez 2000, Pedro Martinez 2002, and Pedro Martinez 2003. Pedro Martinez 2001 would have qualified had he thrown another 33.1 innings. Between 1999-2003 - covering five years, 135 starts, and 933 innings - Pedro ran a 2.10 ERA and 1.94 FIP. He allowed 133 runs between 1999-2001. Jose Contreras and Scott Olsen allowed 134 runs in 2007. This really happened.