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2009 SBN AL Cy Young Voting Results

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Damn you, Griffey, for making the audience wait to see this table of critically important information.

Rk Player Team 1st 2nd 3rd Pts
1 Zack Greinke Kansas City Royals 28 1 - 143
2 Felix Hernandez Seattle Mariners - 17 6 57
3 Justin Verlander Detroit Tigers - 8 9 33
4 Roy Halladay Toronto Blue Jays 1 2 11 22
5 C.C. Sabathia New York Yankees - 1 2 5
6 Jon Lester Boston Red Sox - - 1 1

Looks about right. The top six arms in ERA, and the top six arms in FIP. I'm not certain that Felix deserved second over Verlander and Halladay, each of whom threw just as many innings with comparable results, but it's not second place that matters here. A real shame that Greinke's contract expires before Dayton Moore's does. A real shame.

Over 915 plate appearances, Greinke held opponents to a .269 wOBA. Zack Greinke vs. the Major Leagues was like an average pitcher vs. Robb Quinlan.