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Cy Young Race Update

After blazing through the first five against Minnesota, Zack Greinke allowed four runs in the bottom of the sixth, with a big bases-loaded double off the bat of Delmon Young. That's good news for Felix. What's bad news for Felix is that the Royals erased the 4-0 deficit, taking Greinke off the hook for the loss, but I'd say that, overall, today helped the King more than it hurt. Greinke will finish at 16-8 with a 2.16 ERA while Felix has a shot at 19-5 with sub-2.50, and while that's just a completely retarded way to determine the best pitcher in the league, it may turn out to be retarded in our favor. Like Bill Leavy and the Steelers.

The 2001 Mariners were the best team in baseball, but the DBacks got the hardware. Felix doesn't deserve this award as much as Greinke does, but should he go on to win it, I think I'll manage.